Hello and welcome to the official blog of WiCS@CHS!  This is a resource for the girls at Charlottesville High School to look back on what we’ve done on a particular Friday.

Spring 2016 visits will all have to do with skills related to building a website.  The goal of the lessons is that they don’t necessarily build on each other (so you won’t be lost by missing one Friday), but all of them together will help you become an awesome web developer!

February 12, 2016 –> Intro to HTML

February 16, 2016 –> Publish a Website on GitHub


WiCS Mentorship Chair: Sofia Shalotenko, svs3jm@virginia.edu

CHS Team Leader: Annette Chun, amc4sq@virginia.edu

Manager of Management: Molly Sall, mes3fn@virginia.edu

Member and Rookie of the Year: Shanya Hans, sh3kj@virginia.edu

Senior Expert on All Things: Jackie Tran, jt4uc@virginia.edu